Tales From the Cask Craft Beer Podcast

It may be September and all, but you wouldn’t know it from the 90º heat! So we are pumped to have our friend Kimmie Krohn from Sycamore Brewing join us in the bar with refreshing brews from down Charlotte way! Kimmie talks about the latest from C-town and then tries three taste treats with us: Pumpkin Latte Blonde, Psychedelic Flow IPA, and Juice Willis DIPA!

Sad news leads us off with another MegaMergerMania aftershock via The Roanoke Times,  with the announcement that Daleville's Ballast Point tasting room and kitchen will close, while the brewery will remain in production. Next we have CNBC reporting that Boston Beer’s CEO says they are looking at cannabis, while The Daily Beast asks how the hell is White Claw outselling Budweiser? Then it’s Forbes wondering if rose beers are a fad or lasting trend, and then TribLive shares a study that finds women spend more at craft brewpubs, while men prevail in volume. We close up the week with the shocking yet true news from Vice that an Aussie sportswriter paid $68,000 for a single beer at a UK hotel bar!

Last week’s #caskquiz wanted to know “what’s the wildest/most extreme beer is that you have tried?” For this week, we are asking “how long do you think the seltzer craze will last? Will it flame out like root beer did? Have monster growth for a few years then retain solid market share? Start slowing next year then diminishing over time?”

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