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You guys didn’t realize that Chip took the DeLorean this week to make it back to the future in time to meet Jenn and special guest/Mims on-premise sales rep David Pavlus! David shares his origins in a surprising field, his entry into the beer world, and how exciting his Cicerone journey has been! Then we have super brews including the Alesmith/Beechwood Collaboration Boom Crash Hopera, Idle Hands Six Seam Double NEIPA, and Trillium Blackberry Super Duper Soak!

Newstime begins with a follow up on the financial shenanigans of AB InBev, as they continue to try to shed debt! The New York Times reveals that after an unsuccessful attempt at an IPO, the brewer is selling its Australian unit! Next we have The NY Post (thanks Alex!) heading to the malt shop to find PBR launching a hard coffee made with ‘creamy American milk’, followed by Syracuse.com (thanks Michael!) asking Dilly what? Now CNY’s Bud Light brewery is making a mead! Then as a public service, we have Westword sharing that GABF tickets go on sale next week — and you can probably get one this year! We wind up this week with Vinepair’s (thanks Steve!) nice historic look at American breweries who survived Prohibition by making near-beer, baby formula, and ice cream, and Chip found some San Diego news at SD Comic-Con via KGTV catching a wave with Tony Hawk and Oceanside's Black Plague Brewing teaming up to create 'Tony Hawps' IPA!

For last week’s #caskquiz we carried over the question whom do you follow on social media that everyone else should be? And on which social media platform? This week we want to know what beer event/festivals have you done this year or are planning to do?

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