Tales From the Cask Craft Beer Podcast

We love heading west to Winston-Salem to see our friends from Foothills Brewing, and this week our friend Shawn Densmore brings Foothills to our little bar! Shawn discusses all the latest from the brewery, and he brings us two delectable treats to sample: Thousand Smiles and Tangled Vine Rose!

But first it’s news time courtesy of VinePair’s piece on a malt pioneer revolutionizing how New England craft brewers think about their grains. Next is The USA Today unveiling PicoBrew’s new craft beer appliance that can brew it all — even kombucha! Then we have New York Magazine mapping out craft beer in Beijing and where to drink it and we wind down with The Daily Telegraph reporting that women in the UK are increasingly drinking beer at home.

We are carrying over the #caskquiz from last week which asked “do you agree with Pete Coors that the hard-line stance of the BA ultimately hurts all beer?”

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