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We are back in our bar this week listening to the rain when in walks Leif Larson from Olde Hickory Brewery! He tells us how he started homebrewing and moved from that to working at Olde Hickory, and then we try some really exciting beers: Hefeweizen, Wilson Creek ESB, Black Raven IPA, and the celebrated Death by Hops IPA!


Chip returns to the newsdesk and reveals that The Washington Post has a report on the Pabst purchase by Russians and the broader fact that America’s most iconic beer brands are being bought by foreign investors, then cites Quartz on the fastest-growing alcoholic beverage in the US. The focus then turns to three stories about beer and food, just not in the pairing sense - The USA Today with fast food chain Popeyes “beer can chicken”, The Washington Post on Starbucks testing a beer-flavored latte,and The Consumerist’s opinion that someone has made a craft beer jelly because that is clearly what peanut butter has been missing!


The feedback was fun this week! We share the responses to last week’s #caskquiz “if you just summited Mount Everest, what beer would you reach for?” and this week we want to know “what is your favorite underrated style of beer?”

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