Tales From the Cask Craft Beer Podcast

We go digital this week with the founders of PintLabs, a subsidiary of SteadyServ! They talk about how they met, the origin of their company, their website BreweryDB.com  and the cool beer apps Brewery Map and Pocket Beer.  


These guys love great beer like we do, so we deliver the goods from Sierra Nevada with their Vienna Lager and Flipside Red IPA, and the incredible AleSmithX Extra Pale Ale!


This week our news sources span the globe, from Russia to Hotlanta! We start with The Washington Post which revealswhere the biggest beer, wine, and liquor drinkers live in the U.S., check in with Mother Jones who publish a scathing piece onBud and Miller having issues dealing with the craft beer craze, learn from Russia Today thatChina’s beer market may be bigger than the US’s by 2017, travel with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution to atasting of all of Samuel Adams “extreme beers”, and wind up with CSPNet and discoverthe leading purchase drivers among craft beer drinkers.


We are still getting answers to the  #caskquiz “what is the most exotic ingredient you have tried in a beer?” and have new ones to this week’s #caskquiz “what was your fave summer brew this season?” Next week we ask “what beer apps are you using?”


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