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We have a special treat for you in Episode 7 of Tales From the Cask!  Not only to we sample Sam Adams Summer Ale, Bear Rebulic Hop Rod Rye, Lagunitas DogTown Pale Ale, Angry Orchard Strawman Cider, and Cottonwood Low Down Brown Ale, but we also bring you an exclusive interview with the founder and chairman of the Boston Beer Company, Jim Koch!  Jim tells us all about the process in making their brand new beer can and why they felt like a new can was necessary.  He also talks about how he got in to beer and why he started his own beer company.  In our news segment we talk about a creative beer dispensor, a beer thief with a conscience, and some exciting news about new home brewing laws!  In our feedback segment we answer a question about the impact craft brewing is having on larger brewing companies. 

We'd love to hear your feedback and brew suggestions! Call in your feedback by calling 919-502-0280 or email us at talesfromthecask@gmail.com.


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