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Are we gadget people? You know we are! And we get to scratch our gear itch with cool tech from our friend Chris Lorkowski, who is CEO of BruVue! He tells us about the company’s origins, and then he shows us how the BruVue system tracks draft beer sales and inventory. Then we kick back and sample delicious treats including Blake’s Rosé Cider, Bear Republic Brut Squad IPA, and Roak French Toast Devil Dog Oatmeal Stout!

We begin the news with a reply to last week’s story about low craft beer pricing from Vinepair,  with their belief that craft beer is getting cheaper, and that’s a good thing. Next is Eater Chicago’s historical review of how the Cicerone Certification Program has changed craft beer service across America, followed by The LA Times’ (and our friend John Holl!) opinion that when it comes to beer, 'craft' isn't always synonym for 'good'. Then (appropriate to this week’s guest) we move to Digital Trends asking can a tabletop Krups keg really deliver a perfect pour? We wind up the week with The Daily Telegraph on a pint of beer for £22 that is worth every penny and The Motley Fool on why big beer stocks are struggling.

We have your answers to last week’s #caskquiz “do you think craft brewers should be competing on price against each other? Against the megabrewers? Does that lower perceived value of craft?” And for this week we want to know “what’s your coolest beer gadget? High tech or low!”


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