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We had such a run of incredible people stop by the bar lately, it was wearing us out! So we locked the doors and took a breather to unwind with the latest and greatest from our friends at Foothills Brewing! Three delightful brews were waiting for us: Pilot Mountain Pale Ale, February IPA of the Month “Charlie”, and the sought-after (and back just briefly) Sexual Chocolate Imperial Stout!

We couldn’t fit in all the beer news out this week, but we covered a lot! We start with the controversy of the Bud Super Bowl ad slamming craft beer, beginning with The Chicago Tribune’s interview with a craft brewery co-founder who wasn’t happy with Super Bowl ad snark,then we check out CNNMoney’s position that Bud mocks craft beer but it owns microbrews. Next up is The HuffPo asking is sewage beer the next big thing?, followed by Fortune revealing spirits stole more market share from the beer industry last year, and then Yahoo Sports and a picture of Madison Bumgarner downing a beer with Khal Drogo of 'Game of Thrones'. We move to The Washington Post talking about an NBC interview with President Obama on beer, Deflategate and the Patriots-Seahawks Super Bowl matchup, The Columbia Free Times opining that craft beer goes big — maybe too big, The LA Times demonstrating how brewers turn barley into beer, and wind up with Medical Daily reporting that an antioxidant found In hops prevents cognitive decline.

Last week our #caskquiz was “have you ever bought anything from SkyMall and if so what was it?” This week we are asking “what you think about the Bud Super Bowl ad -  was it good or bad for Bud, good or bad for craft beer?”

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