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We have a definite treat (no tricks here!) for you this week with Veronica Goff from Boston Beer! She stops by to share the latest from Beantown and we get to try three delicious Sam Adams brews: Winter Lager, White Christmas, and Merry Maker.

We have history and gadgets with the news this week. We begin with The Daily Caller reporting that a bar is suing Florida over growler salesmove to The Atlantic with a nice profile of Boston Beer founder Jim Koch, the Steve Jobs of Beer, and check in with the historians at Fox News who answer was George Washington a beer or whiskey man?

We wind up with The Huffington Post on a gravity-defying way to store beer in your fridge and The Wall Street Journal visiting a Detroit brewery that aims to pedal beer. And yes, we spelled pedal correctly!


As Halloween arrives this week, last week’s #caskquiz is very timely: “what is your fave fall beer that is NOT a pumpkin beer?” After the Jim Koch piece, this week we want to know “what beer celebrity would you most like to have a beer with?”

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