Tales From the Cask Craft Beer Podcast

In Episode 50 of Tales From the Cask we take a look at some tasty Demory Paris beers and French ciders from Latis Imports!  In our news section we share a story of the Huffington Post that will tell you what your next 5 favorite beers will be, new craft beers available on some airlines, how biofuels are following the pattern of the craft beer movement, a couple of wine snobs who discovered craft beer (and loved it), and why beer geography is the best geography.

We also share some great feedback from our listeners and their responses to last week’s Cask Quiz. 

This week’s #caskquiz question is, “What is your favorite imported beer (or cider)?”

We’d love to hear your feedback and brew suggestions! Share your feedback by calling (919) 502-0280 or email us at talesfromthecask@gmail.com

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