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Greetings from the snowy lands, Casklovers!  We may be snowed in here in North Carolina, but we’re still enjoying some frosty malt beverages and podcasting!  In episode 40 of Tales From the Cask we meet Jenn’s significant other and beer aficionado, Sheldon Simonds.  

As you all know, there is a really big football game taking place in East Rutherford, New Jersey this Sunday between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks.  We’ll be predicting the winner of the big game by performing a taste test challenge between three Washington State beers and three Colorado beers: No-Li Crystal Bitter ESB, American Brewing Breakaway IPA, and No-Li Wrecking Ball Imperial Stout from Washington, versus Ska Brewing Special ESB, Left Hand 400 Pound Monkey, and Great Divide Yeti Imperial Stout from Colorado.

We also share some super news with you about a Wisconsin brewery that uses drones to make deliveries, how a Chicago brew crew keeps a train full of beer from freezing, an article from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune that helps pair the best beer or wine with your favorite super game foods, and an article from Accuweather about how cold it has to be at an outdoor sporting event for the beer to freeze in your cup.

We also share some excellent responses to last week’s #caskquiz question and we toss out a new question for you this week, “What is your go to snow day beer?”

We’d love to hear your feedback and brew suggestions! Share your feedback by calling (919) 502-0280 or email us at talesfromthecask@gmail.com

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