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Greetings to all you wonderful Caskers!  It’s time to relax with a frosty malt beverage and enjoy episode 35 of Tales From the Cask.  We have a real treat on tap for this episode! We go on location to interview Jamie Bartholomaus, head brewer and co-owner of Foothills Brewing!  He shares his interesting story of how he got into the brewing business, tells us us about the inspiration behind Hoppyum IPA, how they choose their styles of beer, and gives us the down and dirty on Sexual Chocolate. Jamie also shares his delicious Battle Crye Rye IPA and Blendiculous Imperial Brown Ale! He even takes some time to answer listener  questions.

In our news segment we share a USA Today article about which beers Americans are drinking a lot less of, an AP article about the black market for craft beers, a very interesting New York Times article about alcoholics in Amsterdam getting paid in beer, and a story about a new beer can Festivus pole that is being erected at the Florida state capitol.

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