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Time just keeps flying by doesn’t it? It’s our lucky 7th time with the kitties as we have everyone up to the bar to celebrate our Holiday Extravaganza! We have whales galore, and stories to share, and of course a song at the end!

To keep the holiday spirit alive, we have a couple of heartwarming stories to share. First Vice UK visits the insanely competitive world of craft beer resales (just in time for Santa’s stocking stuffers!). Then in a great Grinchy trick, Food & Wine finds that craft beer, wine and spirits producers are facing a major tax hike if Congress doesn't get its act together! At the last minute though, the Grinch found the strength of ten Grinches, plus two as reported by KIII (South Texas) in that the U.S. Congress is extending the tax cut on craft beer brewers!

This week we want to hear “what beers did you get in your stocking this year?”

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