Tales From the Cask Craft Beer Podcast

Our old buddy Kris Harper with DuClaw is closing in on his 5-timer jacket! He joins us at the bar this week to help kickstart our celebrations for the end of 2019! And he has some awesome beers to try: Sour Me Wild Cherry Ale, Sour Me Double Blueberry Ale, and Apple Brandy Retribution. Plus we sneak in a little Upland Paw Paw just for fun!

The MegaMergerMania just won’t stop! Following up with the Ballast Point shocker from last week, The Motley Fool asks is Constellation Brands is throwing in the towel on craft beer? Then the New Belgium story heats up in Nikkei Asian Review revealing that Kirin's New Belgium deal is being threatened by Kirin’s Myanmar links! We pivot to happier news from Forbes who is proposing a toast to National Lager Day, followed by a fun editorial in Good Beer Hunting opining that White Claw might be the only thing that can save craft beer from itself! And as we love to do, we close out the week with real science via The Daily Mail demonstrating that tapping the side of a beer can will NOT stop it fizzing out!

Last week’s #caskquiz asked “what’s your reaction to the Ballast Point saga?” This week we want to hear “what beers do you want in your stocking this year?”

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