Tales From the Cask Craft Beer Podcast

It’s been ages since we saw our buddy Heath Perkins from Bell’s Brewery, but that just means lots of terrific brews to taste! First Heath shares the latest from Michigan with us, especially news about the latest and upcoming releases. Then we get a six-pack to sample! It includes Official Hazy IPA, Two Hearted IPA, The Prairie Grass Dividing Gose, Octoberfest, Best Brown, and Special Double Cream Stout!

In a surprise twist, the news begins with a NOT MegaMergerMania event, courtesy of  Oregon Live (thanks Steve!) wherein Anheuser-Busch has opted not to buy Portland’s Craft Brew Alliance! Next up CBS News shows us a craft beer even Jim Gaffigan would like, followed by Forbes offering a beer for people who don't want to get too drunk, and then Bloomberg reveals that Spanish beer isn’t flowing and Brexit is part of the problem. We wind down the week with The Richmond Times-Dispatch heading to a historic marker at the Richmond beer caves at Rocketts Landing and The Bend Bulletin reporting that beer pong is going to get an upgrade!

Last week’s carry over #caskquiz asked for your take on the Uproxx/Instagram female craft beer influencer uproar, and this week we want to know when was the last time you played a beer game and what was it?

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