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It’s been two years since we started selling the incredible taste treats from Upland Brewing! This week our buddy and Director of Sales Matt Mitchell ventures down from Indiana to share the latest news about the explosive growth Upland is enjoying. And he has some awesomeness for us to try: Campside Pale Ale, Juiced In Time NEIPA, and Found American Wild Ale!

In the news, Eater Austin (thanks Alex!) provides a follow up from a story from last week, in that now Celis Brewery is no longer going up for auction after the owner files for bankruptcy. Next we have Bloomberg sharing the not very surprising news that Trump’s brewery tariff threat has craft beermakers sitting out, followed by The Boston Globe showing that for craft brewers, four-packs of cans have become the norm. Then it’s Patch reporting that drinking a beer is helping support the Detroit Zoo, and VinePair (thanks Steve!) lists the 10 most valuable beer brands in the world. We close the week with The Charlotte Observer revealing that one of the oldest beer-makers in Germany is planning a massive brewery in Charlotte!

It’s quite clear from last week’s #caskquiz that you are NOT drinking any of the spiked seltzers this summer! This week we want to know what you think about a German brewer building a massive brewery in the US? Crazy? Or crazy like a fox?

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