Tales From the Cask Craft Beer Podcast

We told you last week how many taste treats were piling up in the beer cooler, and we are aiming to increase those depletions this week! So we belly up to the bar for another killer lineup! We start with ciders: Blake’s Traffic Jam Strawberry, Blackberry, and Raspberry Cider,  1911 Established Black Cherry Cider (thanks Dennis!). Then it’s beer time: Bear Republic Thru the Haze IPA, Shubrew No Woman No Rye (thanks Bruce!), and Ballast Point Easy Seas!

We have a colossal MegaMergerMania story leading the news via The Motley Fool, as two craft beer legends, Sam Adams & Dogfish Head, are joining forces! Next up Food & Wine profiles a ‘Beethoven of Brewing’ who makes some of England’s best beers — and she can’t even taste them! Then we move to Westword uncovering the real story behind the Oskar Blues/Guns N' Roses lawsuit, followed by The Charlotte Observer showing that breweries in Charlotte provide a welcome shot to home values. We wind up the week with The Independent reporting that Beavertown Brewery is giving away free beer in exchange for blood donations, and The USA Today spoils (not really) that 'Avengers: Endgame' is giving Creature Comforts its own superhero moments!

Last week’s #caskquiz question asked “how much are YOU spending on craft beer each month?” This week we have a #caskquiz that Avengers: Endgame inspired: “what’s the best use of a beer in a movie or TV show? What beer was it?”

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