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Welcome back, Caskers!  In episode 30 of Tales From the Cask, we explore the sensational taste of Lagunitas Brewing Company’s limited release Daytime!  Daytime is a Fractional IPA made with cutting-edge experimental hops, and it finishes clean and refreshing.  It's very hard to find this beer, as it's only being released in just a few places around the country. If you can get your hands on Daytime, do it!

In our news segment we share a story about church groups that are attracting new members through craft beer, Japan's burgeoning craftbrew scene, how beer makes Canada's economy hop, India's taste for strong beer, and Scotland's Snake Venom beer, a new brew from Scotland’s Brewmeister brewery that has 67 percent ABV!

We also respond to listener feedback about Tony's Scottish accent, tasty haggis, and several comments about our Innis & Gunn episode and our thoughts on some of the new holiday brews.


We’d love to hear your feedback and brew suggestions! Share your feedback by calling (919) 502-0280 or email us at talesfromthecask@gmail.com.  

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