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What a party we had with our 2018 Holiday Extravaganza! It was so much fun and work that we took off the last week of the year before opening up the bar, cleaning the mess, and kicking back just the two of us! To celebrate the new year, we have light and refreshing cider and beer: Austin Eastciders Texas Brut Cider,  Lagunitas Daytime IPA, and Sierra Nevada Brut IPA!

The news is on the light side like our beverages this week, starting with The Motley Fool revealing that the BA’s craft beer definition is changing (again!). Next Paste (thanks Michael!) examines an endangered beer style: American Stout. Then The Guardian (thanks Frank!) has a terrific profile of two Native American women who are upending craft beer, and we close with The New York Times’ pricewatch showing where to get a 6-pack of beer for $26!

Last week we wondered “what frosty malt goodies did you imbibe for the holidays? What did Santa bring you? (Hopefully some beer too!)” To start the new year right, this week’s #caskquiz asks you to reveal “what are your New Year’s (Beers) resolutions?”

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