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We got a mead tease from the folks at Honeysuckle Meadery way back in Episode 180 (!), and now mead masters William Costen and Erik Lensch invite us over for a visit and a sampling! The guys share the story of the meadery’s journey thus far, and then we have six incredible meads to try: Elderberry and Elderflower, Blueberry Jam, PawPaw Patch, Midnight Bramble, Raspberry Jam, and the astounding Peanut Butter and Jelly!

As he often does, Chip starts the news out slow and low and builds to a final crescendo! He begins with Bloomberg and the global climate change-related news that your craft beer is about to get more expensive. Next The Twin Cities Pioneer Press reveals the sad news that Great Waters Brewing Co. in St. Paul is closing. Then VinePair (thanks sfringer!) has specious “news” claiming that ​​​​​​​a new AB-InBev video says that ‘craft beer’ will be gone in two years (here come the trolls!), followed by Colorado Public Radio’s opinions that craft beer is finding it harder to stay king of the mountain in Colorado. We close the week with The USA Today’s profile of Blue Moon's founding brewer who is popping the top on a pot-infused beer and Paste’s terrific news that the economic impact of San Diego craft beer has passed the $1 billion threshold!

Apparently everyone was sick of the U.S. election cycle, so we had limited responses to last week’s #caskquiz asking if you were celebrating the election results or drowning your sorrows. This week we are curious to hear if you interested in trying a non-alcohol cannabis “beer”? Would you make it part of your rotation? How about alcohol/cannabis beer?

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