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Four years has been the blink of an eye to us since we talked with Ted Dwyer and Bill Gerds from Lynnwood Brewing Concern! Amazing! So this week we fire up the T-Bird and head over to their production brewery near downtown Raleigh to find out all the latest, plus we hear about all the awards they have won! And we get to sample both the Holus Bolus Sour and Australian Pale Ale!

What a challenge culling the news - seems like everyone is back to work! We start with two from Forbes: in the first we learn that some craft breweries are defying convention by beginning to drop prices, and in the second we take a trip in the Delorean to try a beer from the Middle Ages! Next we go sporty via ESPN’s score that the Atlanta Falcons are going to sell $5 craft pale ale at home games this season! Then it’s Fortune’s visit to the last Blockbuster Video in America, which is getting its own craft beer, followed by The ABA Journal (thanks sfringer!) affirming that In-N-Out Burger has sent a pun-filled letter to a beer maker to address a 'brewing' trademark issue. We wind down the week on CNBC reporting that BrewDog is launching a video-on-demand network with original content!

We have your answers to last week’s #caskquiz “what’s your take on ownership with all the different structures? Do these definitions matter in the craft world?” This week we want to know “do you think craft brewers should be competing on price against each other? Against the megabrewers? Does that lower perceived value of craft?”

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