Tales From the Cask Craft Beer Podcast

It’s been forever since we heard that Bal’mer accent, so we juice up the DeLorean to visit with our friend Dave Benfield from DuClaw Brewing! Dave tells us all about the latest from Maryland and tries some delectable brews with us: Gose O’sDad Bod Double IPA, and All Along the Hop Tower Double IPA!

We are replete with beer news this week, beginning with Food & Wine’s somewhat misleading title people aren't super excited about beer right now. Next we have a follow up to last week’s story on the European CO2 shortage, this time via Yahoo News UK reporting that beer rationing is beginning in the UK as a result of the carbon dioxide crisis. Then we learn from The BBC that Birmingham beer glasses have been seized for being too small, followed by Madison.com with tips for building a beer cellar, and we wind up with Mass Live’s parade of craft beer names that are getting crazier every year!

We have your answers to last week’s #caskquiz which asked “who is your World Cup team and what beer are you drinking to cheer them on?” This week we want to know “do you have a beer cellar? Is it organized?”

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