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We finally take a breather from the road this week with our buddy Kirby Dean from Blake’s Hard Cider Company! Kirby tells us about his background on the dark side (distribution) and ho he moved toward the light of the supplier world. Then he shares the latest from Armada, and we get to try this delicious trio: Rainbow Seeker, Santa Rosa, and Wild Nova!

We lead with what we hope is the last word on the sad tale of Green Flash with The San Diego Union-Tribune reporting  what Green Flash's woes mean to craft beer. Next we have

The Wisconsin State Journal’s  interview with Josh Noel on his new book, Goose Island, and 'selling out' in the craft beer world. Then it’s The Denver Post and Pete Coors’ letter calling out “cheap shots” from Colorado craft brewers, and we wind up with The Examiner spotlighting the world’s oldest surviving beer revived from a 220-year-old shipwreck!

Then we have your responses to last week’s #caskquiz which asked “do you know a brewery that combines brewing with another activity/business like Division Brewing does? What brewery and what else do they do?” and this week we are asking “do you agree with Pete Coors that the hard-line stance of the BA ultimately hurts all beer?”

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