Tales From the Cask Craft Beer Podcast

We're taking the show on the road to visit the great folks at Double Barley Brewing! Joined by Double Barley Brewing owner Larry Lane, we get a unique perspective on craft brewing as he tells us how he got started, he sets goals and gets noticed in a highly competitive beer market, and he shares what makes Double Barley brews special. We sample a couple of Double Barley Brewing's flagship beers, Thrilla in Vanilla Porter, and SteakCake Stout! Larry also answers listener questions about the brewery’s plans to bring in some lower ABV beers, yam-based beers and how he views the competition.

We talk about the upcoming Chicago Beer Festival, the Great American Beer Festival, legislation that would require all beer pints to have 16 ounces, a Colorado 6th grader's beer experiment in space, the creation of a vaporized beer inspired by San Francisco fog, and how beer gives your body the vitamin B that it needs. Cheers!


We’d love to hear your feedback and brew suggestions! Share your feedback by calling (919) 502-0280 or email us at talesfromthecask@gmail.com.

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