Tales From the Cask Craft Beer Podcast

After the Easter mayhem and in celebration of the opening of baseball season, we take a seat at the bar and unwind with our friends Frank and Keith while trying a trio of deliciousness from Olde Hickory, Southern Tier, and Wicked Weed! They are Olde Hickory Thallo, Southern Tier Wrinkle in the Fabric, and Wicked Weed Incandescent!

There is more sad news from California to lead us off this week from The San Diego Union-Tribune in that Green Flash has been sold following foreclosure. Next up VinePair asks if a craft brewery can sell out without being bought, while Punch reveals how Other Half became the official beer of Wall Street, and Esquire reports that Budweiser and Jim Beam are making a beer together. We wind down in the sports world with Bunkered disclosing that Augusta National security has handed out a forbidden 'phrase' sheet for The Masters and The WaPo advising that you don’t freak out about the Nationals’ $16 craft draft beer!

Then we have your responses to last week’s #caskquiz which asked “do you have a regular pub or watering hole that you frequent several times a week? Or do you usually consume at home?” and this week we want to know “what is the most you have paid for a beer at a concert or sporting event?”

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