Tales From the Cask Craft Beer Podcast

It took a while to get him into our busy brewing schedule, and it was totally worth the wait for our homebrew contest winner Chris Nadeau to come and make a batch of his incredible Trips Up North New England Stout! It was even better than we remembered! And to top it all off, he shared two great finds from up north, Treehouse Old Man ESB and Industrial Arts Wrench!

With Chip back in the newsroom, he naturally turned to econ courtesy of The Wall Street Journal (thanks Frank!) announcing that the Trump Tariff layoffs have begun! Next up The Brewers Association has released their annual 2017 top 50 brewing companies by sales volume and you may be surprised at the rankings. Then VinePair believes that maybe craft beer’s post snob era is here, followed by The New York Times revealing that something’s brewing in the lab: beer without hops, and then Mumbrella reports that CUB’s Ginger Gene ad has been banned for ‘vilifying’ redheads! Plus we sneak in a little humblebrag about Raleigh placing 11th in Food Truck Nation’s list of the top 20 food truck cities!

Then we have your responses to last week’s #caskquiz which asked ”have you interacted with your local distributor at a retail account?” and this week we want to know “are you experiencing craft beer burnout, and if so what old-school beer are you returning to?”

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