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We have a great episode for you this week where we celebrate reaching the quarter century mark!  Joined by Foothills Brewing Company Director of Marketing, Ray Goodrich, we are enjoying some fantastic Foothills brews!  On tap for this episode are Foothills’ Oktoberfest, Cottonwood Pumpkin and Cottonwood Endo IPA!  Not only does Ray share some tasty brews with us, he tells the tale about how he came to make his home in North Carolina and getting into the beer business, his experience training dolphins, and gives a few hints at the future of Foothills Brewing.  He also answers some questions from our loyal listeners and shares information about the fan favorite beer, Sexual Chocolate.

We share some amazing beer news about a beer that is literally out of this world, signs that the craft beer craze has gone mainstream, an exciting announcement from MillerCoors about a new brand they have coming out next year, and a new build-a-beer concept featured on the Today Show.

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