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We are so in the spirit of Valentine’s Day this year, and the great folks at Crispin, Lost Abbey, and Hardywood are there for us! They have some great red tastes for us this week, including Crispin Rose Cider, Lost Abbey Framboise Amarosa Barrel-Aged Raspberry Sour, and Hardywood Raspberry Stout!

We have a follow up story in the news from that terrific piece in The Atlantic last month courtesy of Bloomberg offering up craft brewing as a model for helping the middle class. Next KNSD San Diego reports that Stone Brewing is taking on 'big beer' giant MillerCoors for use of the 'Stone' Brand, followed by The Seattle Times revealing that Seattle-based PicoBrew is going professional with its Z series beer-brewing machine. We close this week with The Boston Globe pouring us post-race beers with electrolytes and Live Science’s trip in the wayback machine to show ancient ale: or the oldest beer in Greece dating to the Bronze Age!  

Then we have your responses to last week’s #caskquiz which asked “if you could combine two beers (or styles of beers) for flavor what would they be?” This week we want to know “what’s your go-to beer after your workout?”

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