Tales From the Cask Craft Beer Podcast

It’s been ages since we had our good friend Carly Wiggins in from Southbound Brewing, so we got her to drive on up to share the latest from Savannah! Carly brings us the latest from the brewery, plus she plies us with a couple of awesome beers: Transilience Sour Imperial Berliner Weisse Ale with Pomegranate & Mango and Mystery Ship Brettanomyces Dry Hopped Imperial Red Ale!

More controversial news starts us out this week as Men’s Journal reports that RateBeer.com has announced a partial sale to AB InBev and Dogfish Head has asked to have its beers removed! Then we turn to the fun of beer with The Washington Post revealing that Maine is sending a beer box to Iceland! Next up Billy Penn asks us to party with Dogfish Head and the ‘Indiana Jones of Beer’ and we close with Newsarama on the Steve Dillon memorial beer brewed in his honor by his long-time collaborator Matthew Hollingsworth.

We get responses to last week’s #caskquiz which asked “what’s your go-to method for quickly chilling your beer?” This week’s #caskquiz asks “what’s your take on this ratebeer.com  controversy?”

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