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For the final episode of the year the tales crew is together one last time for some brunch and post revelry pairings. We were joined by guest Mike Burns who oversees several area restaurants with locations throughout the triangle that serve breakfast/brunch with a Louisiana twist. Knowing that Tales is on an endless quest to uncover the most festive food and beer pairings, Mike provided some spectacular fare for us to match with some post-new years celebration beers and ciders to ease you into 2017. We sample Southbound Shakedown Street, Session Lager from Full Sail with some first class Shrimp and Grits. We also got our cider and beignet fix with Blake’s Archimedes cider.

We wind the year in news down with a barrage of stories including a Chicago Tribune  analysis of how rare rare really is? , New Spanish Hops Growers!, We take a look at how Crux Fermentation Project is looking at social media. From there we head north to Eau Claire and discuss two very old breweries collaborating for a momentous anniversary, 21st Amendment let’s us in on the Art of naming beer. The Wall Street Journal takes a look at examples of new regional styles and finally, Vinepair gives us a lesson on bottle conditioning and the real “champagne” of beers.


For last week’s #caskquiz we wanted to know your fave beer-related thing from 2016 and this week we are asking what predictions you have for beer in 2017!

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