Tales From the Cask Craft Beer Podcast


Episode 169- Bryan D Roth


With Chip away We visit with old friend and contributor Bryan Roth as he tells us tales of his recent visit to Europe and gives us the latest news from This is Why I’m Drunk.   He brings us a beer from his and Tony’s homeland, Ithaca’s Flower Power, plus we continue our journey with Port Brewing and Lost Abbey as we sample Mongo, Shark Attack, Serpent Stout and Judgement Day.  


The news is running wild this week as we tell our listeners how to apply for a craft beer historian position at the Smithsonian, get some updates on hops research, and get into a malt liquor throwdown! Plus a man who left his clothes to hold his tab at a bar.   We also discuss several breweries’ sustainability practices and throw in a comic con story for Chip!

Last week for our #caskquiz we continued our Tales competition for the best Hoppy Beer Name!  This week we want to know: “What is your Heady Topper Story?  Where were you when you first tried it?”

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