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This week we chat with Dan Gridley, the owner of Farm Boy Farms in Pittsboro, NC about growing the hops, barley, rye, etc. that are used to create beer. Local is huge now, and that goes for beer ingredients too! Dan sells to NC breweries so that they can source their raw materials close by. We also try Starpoint Top Knot, Wicked Weed Dark Age, and a very special beer: Tony made an IPA!

Culling the news was a challenge for sure! Good news starts off for craft beer sales via The Pittsburgh Tribune reporting that craft beer continues to grow, while The Morning Advertiser (UK) notes UK imports of US craft beer are up. Next Forbes posits that private equity in the craft beer market spells upheaval within a decade, followed by Quartz revealing why startup beer brewers are skipping stores and selling directly to locals and Munchies with a shocking story about a Nazi-themed German beer. We wind up with MassLive comparing the craft beer community to early indie rock and The Cincinnati Business Courier showing Cincinnati’s newest bar will price beer like stocks.

We extended the #caskquiz where we asked “what signs have you seen someone show that they are a craft beer bore?” while this week we want to ask all homebrewers “where to you buy your ingredients for brewing?”

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