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After being cooped up in our icy prison for the past few weeks, the sun returned and we high-tailed it to Durham for a tasty time with Keil Jansen the brewmaster from Ponysaurus Brewing! We had a blast talking with him about the brewery and he shared two of their amazing brews: the Belgian Pale Ale and the India Pale Ale!

There was so much news this week we could barely squeeze it all in! We begin with Paste on Peyton Manning’s (hypothetical) evolution into craft beer, followed by the Washington Beer Blog offering advice to help if you want to work at a brewery and then Masslive’s Beer Nut reveals 5 fallacies about craft beer. Next up is Quartz via our friend @sfringer reporting that a new McDonald’s in South Korea will serve draft beer and we finish up with AOL telling us that  a town in Slovenia is getting its own building public beer fountain!

Last week for our #caskquiz we asked “should we still keep calling it craft beer now that there are so many definitions of the term?” And this week we want to know “what’s your favorite animal-named beer?”

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