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We couldn’t get enough of each other again this week so we’re without a guest but sticking to the original recipe with Chip, Tony and Jenn. In one of the most robust news segments of all time We couldn’t resist giving ourselves a pat on the back for being named one of the Top 50 Disruptors in Beverage World Magazine!  As expected, the Super Bowl had another controversial Budweiser Ad  and the designation of Craft Beer is again questioned.  We enter the future with a computer generated beer recipe and discuss the latest trends in hops with female industry leaders.  We can’t forget to include the latest in Mega Merger Mania with new player Asahi eyeing a couple of  brands belonging to  SABMiller.  Want to sound like a beer nerd?  We discuss the terms you need to know. If you are planning a beer related vacation there is a must visit destination near Dogfish Head!  Untapped is upping its game with new features catered towards the craft beer drinker and we explore another beer and health piece on why you should be drinking beer after your workout.  

We are never short of new and exciting beers to sample on the show and this week we have a real treat with Foothills latest Hop of the Month, Anchor’s Barrel Ale and Peppermint Victory at Sea!


Last week for our #caskquiz we asked “What’s your NC vs. CO beer matchup and who wins?”” and this week we are asking “Should we keep calling it craft beer now that there are so many definitions of the term?”


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