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Chip is back from his travels and We sit down and catch up with dusty Duclaw Traveler, Glen Selby in episode 141.  Our news bonanza this week includes the familiar topic of Beer Lawsuits and a new beer from our comrades at Iron Maiden. We then tackle Land development, and drone beer delivery, plus announce the news that Yuengling is headed to Mississippi!  And of course we are still forecasting trends for the year ahead in craft beer with the help of Fortune.

We discuss a full rundown of current and upcoming DuClaw offerings and sip on three new seasonals and limiteds including Rye One On, Double Naked Fish and For Pete’s Sake!

Last week for our #caskquiz we asked “Have you ever discovered a forgotten beer in the back of your fridge and how did it taste” and this week we are asking “Do you have a specific routine for tasting varying styles in order?”


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