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We are thrilled to have a very special visit from superstar brewer Rudi Ghequire from Rodenbach, the legendary Belgian brewery! He first visited us via satellite in Episode 101 on April 01, 2015 and this week he joins us at our bar! We talk about the history of Rodenbach, the differing taste preferences in areas of Belgium and the U.S., and we sample the delicious Rodenbach Session and Caractère Rouge!

We have a lot of fun news items for you this week! The Chicago Tribune reveals that Modelo is collaborating with restauranteur Rick Bayless on a craft beer, while The Washington Post shows us how to find out which beer is made closest to you, and Techdirt reports that LMFAO the beer survives LMFAO the band's lawyers to keep its name. We follow with Vice letting us know that ‘Salmon-Safe’ beer is a thing now and we wind up with Quartz’s list of the most beautiful beer bottles on the planet.

Last week for our #caskquiz Audra Gaiziunas asked the questions “if you are a homebrewer, what’s your fave hop? And for beer enthusiasts what is your fave brand in terms of image?” and this week we want to know “what collaboration would you like to see between a foreign brewery and an American craft brewery?”

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