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We are so psyched this week because our good friend Audra Gaiziunas from Brewed for Her Ledger is in the bar! She fills us in on the latest in the world of craftbeer finance and lets us know what she’s been up to. And in a special twist, friend of the show Dan T. from Oakshire Brewing, who we met through Audra, sent us some extraordinary beers: Gose to 11, Hopollo 7 Northwest IPA and the stupendous Brewer’s Reserve 8th Anniversary Ale!

Is there any more deal news? You betcha! We begin with Business Insider revealing another beloved craft beer has found a deep-pocketed backer, and Fortune tells us that there are big changes coming for Samuel Adams beer. Next we get into Shape with a beer-protein shake for weightlifters, then Vice reports that women who drink beer regularly run a lower risk of heart attack, Live Science visits our buddy John Sheppard at NC State and learns that wild yeast could yield new kinds of beer, and we wrap up with The USA Today and a love boat for beer!

Last week for our #caskquiz we asked “where do you see craftbeer in 2020?” and this week Audra asks the questions “if you are a homebrewer, what’s your fave hop? And for beer enthusiasts what is your fave brand in terms of image?”

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