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We venture over the river and through the woods to the Starpoint Brewery Garage in scenic Carrboro, NC!  Jenn and Tony get the latest scoop from owner and brewer Tim Harper on his expansion plans and what’s in the tanks.  Tim does not disappoint and we get to sample some extra special brews.  Our own estate hops are used in the “I know a guy” Cream Ale, we sneak a taste of Barrel Aged DUH! with Peppers, AND we get a nip of some Whiskeytown hiding in the cooler!

There’s plenty of news to report on as well, we cover the scene at the first California Craft Beer Summit, get one writer’s opinion of Flavored Beers that shouldn’t have been made, and continue our breakfast discussions with Beer Flavored Syrup!   On a more serious note, we  learn that the first brewery to brew Miller Genuine Draft  is closing partially due to the increase in the craft beer market.  We are excited to visit the Denver Airport as they will be bringing back the Beer Flights Fest just in time for the Great American Beer Festival and hear how the Pope’s first US visit is commemorated in a beer by Cape May Brewing!

Last week for our #caskquiz we asked “what is your take on the Lagunitas-Heineken deal?” and this week we are asking “which style of beer would you like to see pumpkinized?”

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