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Our good friend Leif Larson has been really busy helping us sell all the great brews from Olde Hickory, so we asked him to stop by and relax with us and some of their great frosty malt beverages! He brought us three treats: the Hickory Tavern Ale (a Belgian IPA), Imperial Stout and the Irish Walker!

We get right into local news to begin this week! The Charlotte Observer posits that the NC craft beer industry is now tops in the South, while CNBC believes craft beers get heavy ... on the alcohol, and The Financial Times reports that in the UK beers are becoming craftier, but pubs are bearing the brunt. Next up is The LA Times’ primer: 'Soft'? 'Hot'? 'Clean'? 7 ways to decode the secret language of beer, and we close with two stories from the International Business Times: in the first we learn beer tourism is potentially a thing in North Korea, and in honor of International Beer Day 2015 there is a fun list of 17 Interesting facts about beer!

Last week for our #caskquiz we asked “what spicy beer have you had that set your world on fire?” and this week we have homework for you: how many breweries are in your state?

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