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After his globetrotting adventures, Chip returns and we reunite this week! To celebrate we sample some incredible brews from New Glarus (thanks Dan & Jessica!): Cabin Fever Honey Bock, Hopster Hopped Wheat, and Raspberry Tart Framboise Ale!

Chip takes back the news and Tony & Jenn are so happy! We start off with Marketwatch’s opinion that craft beer’s biggest enemy is itself, not Budweiser and Miller, then move to Quartz reporting that a peeved beer drinker is suing Blue Moon for claiming it’s a craft beer, and next it’s The HuffPo with a cool mashup on strange brew: beer and art are surreal in St. Pete. In the north we have The Minneapolis Star-Tribune revealing that brewers and beer drinkers have eyes on rye, while in the UK The Daily Telegraph has a solution if you drink beer too quickly by opting for straight glasses, not curved, then Modern Farmer has a nice primer Welcome To Beer 101,and we close with a testy Paste and the 4 craft beer trends they are completely over.

Last week our #caskquiz was “what is the coolest beer you've had on an airplane?” and this week we want to know “what craft beer trend are you over?”

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